Should Schools Decrease Fees upon Admission with The Onset of Online Classes?

The current situation around the world has affected and put everyone on edge. Businesses and industries are either facing losses or finding other methods to continue during the pandemic. The schools may be closed physically, but the education still takes place online, and the faculty have had to get familiar with the online platforms so that they can teach the students without any issue. Schools have had to use online classes to educate students during COVID-19 lockdown, and many parents complain that charging the same amount of fees for classes that are now taking place on an online platform seems unfair and very costly. This brings us to the question, should schools decrease fees upon admission with the onset of online classes? Let us find out.

Should Schools Decrease Fees upon Admission with The Onset of Online Classes?

School fees consist of various expenses and payments such as exam fees, tuition fees, extra-curricular fees, books, infrastructure fees, and so much more. These are common in schools that offer a traditional education that requires students to go to school and study in classes. Traditional schools provide much more than just teaching; and they have clubs, extra-curricular activities, events that occur in the school that students can participate in. The cost of maintaining traditional schools is much higher than in online schools. The faculty and the staff that get hired to work in the school receive a monthly salary, the school fees charged have to cover all the school expenses for the students.

With these traditional schools moving to online classes, a lot of the school’s expense is now focused elsewhere. Schools have to outsource from a company to provide them with an online platform and maintain it. They also have to train the teachers on how to use them to teach the students without facing any issues. Teachers and the rest of the faculty working from home put their time into the online learning platform to ensure that they are receiving education. The schools still have to pay a regular salary to the teachers and the rest of the staff.

The pandemic has brought up the question of if schools should decrease fees now that online classes are the only educational source for students. Some states have implemented solutions related to this. However, many have not yet reached a decision.

The public authority’s structure to slice school expenses is demonstrating exorbitant for guardians seeking to get affirmations for their youngsters for the following year. A few private independent schools in the state have expanded expenses by 30% to half, however, they are permitted to increase.

The current situation has affected many families, which has resulted in people losing their jobs or having their salaries cut down. Many parents are not able to cover their children’s educational expenses due to losing their jobs or pay cuts. Many schools have extended the deadlines for the payment of the fees. The public authority as of late given a request to decrease the educational expenses by 30% for the present scholarly year, thinking about the pandemic circumstance and monetary emergency of guardians. This choice didn’t go down well with the school the board and they have approx. (Karnataka Govt. India)

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