Role of Extracurricular Activities in Education

Not all the students have an interest in books, unlike there are a variety of opportunities to learn and enhance passion. So, need not worry, if children show no interest in books, definitely they will have their own interests and really want to go through that. To bring out those interests, parents have to play a vital role to achieve the children’s passion. Extracurricular exercises assist kids with fostering their interactive abilities and figure out how to function in a group to accomplish a common objective. These exercises permit your kid the chance to investigate various areas of premium, increment fearlessness, fabricate initiative abilities and even further develop grades

Extracurricular activities are very important which play a vital role in a child’s development practically instead of theoretically. These activities help in interacting with new people with different ideas and to exchange and grab new knowledge from others.

  • Time Management:

Students who are into multiple tasks, make plans and schedules to meet their daily tasks. Since they are required to meet extracurricular activities, they end up getting things done within the prescribed time. Likewise, this will also benefit students to divide the time between examinations either in preparations or in presentations.

  • Upgrade Social skills:

Extracurricular activities involve people of different ages and different streams which creates interactions to build new relationships with others and make new learnings from other people which enhances social skills. Not only people that, it helps in creative thinking which also in turns to be a responsible person in forwarding life. Helps in the development of leadership skills, and teamwork.

  • Develops confidence:

The more positive appreciation we receive from other activities, the more confident we are. This will help students to take a stand in any kind of situation and make opportunities to utilize in their own way. This involves a sense of commitment to what they are involved in.

  • Improves academic performance:

We might have observed, people who are involved in extracurricular activities score the best in education because involving physically in activities makes the brain work accurately. Since education requires memory power, analytical thinking, and creativity, extracurricular activities help in developing self-esteemed skills.

  • Enhance and utilization of skills:

Extracurricular activities always help students to learn new lessons every day which could help for a lifetime with those experiences in any kind of situation. These things which are learned from one stream will definitely help to utilize in other kinds of activities.

  • Benefits to get placed in universities:

Universities provide opportunities to the students who are also involved in other extracurricular activities, which is an additional benefit to get placed. So, being into sports culture is also a beneficial thing which helps to get placed in top universities.

Few Impressive extracurricular activities are listed below:


Fine arts like music and theatre arts

Various internships

NSS programs

Part-time jobs



So, whenever you have the announcement for extracurricular activities, be the first to be on the list as they help in the development of teamwork, time management and to know self-worth. These are the true practical learnings to students that will help in future life situations.


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