How to Get Toddlers Interested in Online Classes

The global pandemic has managed to affect various sectors, businesses, and industries worldwide. Schools had to quickly move to online classes for students so that they can still receive an education. These students also include toddlers in their development stage. They experience intellectual, social, and emotional changes and therefore need to learn the basics. Toddlers are taught the basics such as the alphabet, numbers, and more. The toddlers learn these through interactive and visually stimulating activities that will keep the toddlers engaged and encourage them to learn and participate. However, toddlers are known to be very energetic, curious, and usually require to be in a social environment that includes a teacher and other toddlers to interact with.

How to Get Toddlers Interested in Online Classes

On the one hand, online classes may teach the toddlers what they need to learn, but keeping them engaged and interested is another challenge a teacher might face. Here are some tips on how to get toddlers interested in online classes and how to make the lessons more fun and interactive. The following are some ways on how to get toddlers interested in online classes:

1.    Incorporate Interactive Activities into The Class

Online classes can be overwhelming for toddlers. They are not familiar with the learning method and may feel shy to participate and learn during lessons. Incorporating interactive activities and encouraging students to speak and participate in the class is an excellent way to keep toddlers engaged during online courses.

2.    Be Patient with The Students

It is essential for teachers not to expect too much from younger students, especially toddlers. Teachers don’t have a high attention span and can’t stay in the same place for a long time; they can get distracted by anything happening in their environment. Patience is crucial among teachers, and giving students frequent breaks is also helpful.

3.    Make The Lessons Manageable

If the lessons are too hard for toddlers, it is best to divide the classes into manageable chunks to learn appropriately and efficiently without getting overwhelmed or bored.

4.    Ensure to Pay Attention to Every Student

Like in any regular class in school, teachers make sure to pay attention to every student when teaching to ensure that they can learn and clarify any doubts the students might have. Similarly, in online classes, teachers teaching younger students like toddlers need to be attentive and make sure that no child feels left out in the activities and lessons.


This new method of teaching toddlers through online classes is new and foreign to both the teachers and the children. It is very likely that through this new medium of learning, there will be challenges that toddlers and teachers come across. Toddlers can get distracted very quickly and are drawn to things that excite them. They can’t be expected to sit in front of a laptop or a smartphone and learn something that will not encourage or motivate them to learn. Using these ways mentioned above will help toddlers get interested and engaged in online classes.


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