Biggest Advantage and Disadvantage of Online Classes

The popularity of online classes has increased, mainly due to the world’s current situation. With the COVID-19 outbreak, schools have shifted to online classes as a way to continue the students’ education. Online courses have allowed students to continue their education without any issues. However, online courses also have their pros and cons.

Biggest Advantage and Disadvantage of Online Classes?

The most significant advantage of online classes is that they are perfect for students that prefer a more unconventional method of education that also caters to their other needs. Many students prefer online courses due to the flexibility it offers and the self-paced learning that allows students to learn the material at their own pace. Moreover, online classes are much more affordable then traditional courses held in school. The fees in conventional schools are much higher than in online schools. In addition to the payments, the cost of traveling to a school is also an added disadvantage compared to online classes that can be attended from the comfort of their home. Online courses allow students to be more independent and provide financial benefits for students that don’t have the ability to spend a lot of money on education.


Well, Online classes have pretty fair disadvantages. They are not suitable for students that don’t have a good sense of time management. Students that do online classes have to be independent and aware that no one from the faculty in online courses is going to tell or remind students to do their assignments on time or put more effort into learning. Online courses require students to be active learners, and there is more pressure on the student to do things on their own. Teachers in online classes are not going to be hounding on students to keep up with the study material. Students receive more freedom in online courses, and sometimes that is not suitable for all types of students, too much space can lead to students procrastinating or slacking off on their assignments, and this can affect their overall grade.


Online classes are not suitable for every type of student. Some students work better in an environment with other students, where the teacher has a more hands-on approach to teaching, which is more common in traditional schools. On the other hand, some students prefer online classes because they are comfortable in an environment where they are able to do things on their own and don’t always require the guidance of their teachers to learn the material.


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